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RSCA Mission

The RSCA serves the Regent Square community by acting as a liaison to the municipalities, improving community safety, enriching the environment, and enhancing the quality of life of its citizens through positive participatory actions.

It is RSCA’s mission to

  • Continuously improve the quality of life in the Regent Square neighborhood

  • Organize relevant community events when needed

  • Initiate neighborhood improvement

  • Act as a positive advocate on important community-wide issues; and 2.2.5. disseminate relevant information to the community


About Regent Square

We get this question alot... "Where is Regent Square, and what streets make up the boundary?". This is our best attempt to date to draw a map of the streets of Regent Square.

Regent Square is best defined by several street or landmark borders:

  • Frick Park borders Regent Square on the west

  • Forbes Avenue (and eventually a jog onto Union Street) on the north

  • South Trenton Avenue on the East

  • One street back from I-376 (the Parkway) above Greendale Avenue
    to the South - effectively one block south of Sanders

  • Also the entirety of South Braddock from Forbes to I-376 


In 2002 the Regent Square Civic Association secured a small grant with the help of the Allegheny County Executive and the City of Pittsburgh to perform a traffic study and make general recommendations for the South Braddock corridor in Regent Square. The study was professionally done by Vollmer Associates for the Civic Association. While this study is dated its underlying recommendations and data bout the character and traffic of Regent Square still has some currency with the Regent Square Neighborhood.

  1. Design Guidelines for Regent Square Business District

  2. Streetscape for South Braddock Avenue

  3. Parking, Photography, Zoning and Transportation Analysis for Braddock Avenue

  4. Traffic Data for S. Braddock Avenue and Hutchinson

  5. Initial Concepts for Traffic Calming on Braddock Avenue

  6. Parking for Braddock Avenue

  7. Streetscape for South Braddock Avenue

  8. Facade, Bicycle Safety, and Zoning info for Braddock Avenue

  9. Engineer's Estimate

  10. Funding Strategy