Regent Square Yard Sale - FAQs

When is the Yard Sale?

The 2019 RSCA Yard sale will be Saturday, May 18th from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

How can I register?

Register online at rsca.online/regentsquareyardsale.

What are the hours?

Official hours are from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. If you still have customers and energy, you are welcome to stay open longer!

Do you postpone if it rains?

No, this is a rain or shine event. Plan for rain by using your porch, garage or a tent, if possible.

Do I have to be a Regent Civic Association Member to participate as a seller?

No, you do not need to be a member- though we'd love to have you join! The fee for non-members is $10.00. The fee for Members is $7.00.

Do I have to be a Regent Square Resident to participate as a seller?

The Regent Square Yard Sale is only open for Regent Square residents to participate as sellers. All advertising will specify the boundaries as defined by the RSCA By-Laws.

How do I know if I'm in Regent Square?

The boundaries of Regent Square can be found on the RSCA website (rsca.online)

What is a "Hot List" and why do I want to be on it?

The "Hot List" identifies items that shoppers may be particularly interested in. This enables shoppers to target areas with items that they want to BUY! We post the "Hot List" on the RSCA homepage. In the days leading up to the sale, the traffic on our website hits into the thousands as people download the "Hot List". So, you definitely want to be on "The List."

Why is there a fee, can't I just have my own sale?

The RSCA is a not for profit organization. We ask for a fee to cover the costs of advertising a multi house sale. Our budget is typically about $400 dollars and the fees do not always entirely cover our costs. For that reason, we ask that any participants share in the costs. Shoppers are attracted by the fact that there are many houses to shop in one area. We hope that you find it to be a benefit worth the small fee. Each year we are aware of participants that do not register and make a donation. We can't force anyone to pay the fee but doing so enables the RSCA to continue to sponsor this event. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to register.

Are there block captains, balloons, etc. this year?

There will not be blocks captains, balloons or information packets this year. These practices were certainly nice, but added extra costs and put a strain on our limited volunteer resources. Feel free to be festive and decorate your house or block, though!

Can I register after the deadline of May 12th?

You may register after the deadline; however, we can't include your sale on the "Hot List" after that date.

Is there a fee to participate in the yard sale as a seller?

Yes, we ask for $7.00 for RSCA members and $10.00 for non RSCA Members

How can I become an RSCA member?

Simply fill out the information on the yard sale/ membership form. This form may be used for both purposes- membership and/or yard sale.

How do I know if I'm currently a member?

Email:  regentsquarecontact@yahoo.com

What if I have other questions about the yard sale?

Email: regentsquareyardsale@gmail.com